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All the Tommys in the World: A zombie thriller

They know something we don't.
In this epic horror thriller, when a seemingly familiar zombie uprising is quickly controlled by zombie fans in the streets of New Southport, it looks like the threat is over. But for Lilith Kane, these familiar-looking ghouls are hiding something. She should know. Born with a weak heart in the funeral town of Leatelranch, built around the largest cemetery in the world, her parents raised her with zombie stories to keep her from learning the truth about what happens inside the cemetery walls. So when she and the scaredy caretaker’s son, Nathan, after years of building a life for themselves in the city, get cornered by droning ghouls, and are forced to split up, and she gets rescued by her meek parents and taken back to her hometown, the uncanny coincidences are undeniable.
On their way to find each other they will meet other survivors, like Yoshi and Lester, two boys trying to piece their dead friend together again, and Lilith’s childhood friends Wolfram and Wednesday, ghosts from a past she wanted to forget. And as things start to look more and more like her apocalyptic visions, and as a new threat lurks, it’ll be up to her to enter the dreaded cemetery walls before she and everyone she loves faces a fate worse than becoming a zombie.
Can they be stopped? Are they just playing dead? Do they have a plan? What do they want? The answers might be buried in her childhood backyard.
They know something we don’t. And whatever it is, they hate us for it.

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Once upon a time in a circus

My boy! Is that laughter I hear? You think this is a joke? Hunger. Plague. Misery. Invasions. Rape. These are the things that wait for you outside the citadel walls of Kronstadt in 1758, behind the Transylvanian forest. People are waiting to die. Families. Children. Are you laughing yet? But it’s true, they could use some distraction. That’s how we’ll get them. Because misery loves company, and we have enough misery to feed the world. With Viktor’s super strength, your strange, amusing looks, and my showmanship, maybe our prowess can reach the ears of the King himself, and we can be invited inside, and be spared from this wretched place before the plague arrives.

The trouble with time travel

Inventing time travel is never easy. It puts your name and address in the history books, creates too many wannabes and jealous types, and provides them with the very tool they can use against you. Chess master Gödel has been avoiding thinking about time travel for fifteen years, ever since a hitman appeared in his home when he was about to solve the problem. Back then, the killer disappeared when Gödel dismissed it to study Chess instead. Today, being the second world’s greatest chess master and unable to defeat the world champion, Gödel needs a new angle. It’s time to lure the killer once again. But seconds after he solves the problem in his head, four mysterious characters from the future appear in his living room. And then a fifth. And then the fifth one, again. This is the time to put his chess skills into play. But as he gets to know the visitors —the lazy gamer girl, the furry blue creature, the cool and mysterious girl from the future, and his long-lost childhood friend,—he’ll discover that they’re not exactly who they say they are, and that this is only the end of their adventure… Now they have to get started.

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